Savor Spices

Redneck Rub Collection
All Items $5.99 each

Fine Swine & Bovine

Makes every user a BBQ champion! So good on pulled pork - your kids will give back their allowance so you can cook more BBQ! Also great on beef, chicken…or dusted on popcorn

Mo-Rockin' Chicken

Take your tastes to a different place! No more boring BBQ chicken! This will prevent leftovers.

Super Pig

Sweet heat - and ALL the love that bacon can take! Super Pig is great as a rib rub, or for pork shoulder, boston butt, - or whatever you like! Makes a great glaze for ham as well.

Way out West Trail Dust

Use your imagination! - Anything that can benefit from herbal fresh and green garden veggies - This is IT!

We ONLY use natural sea salt - and NEVER use soy, wheat, corn, glutens, nuts, nor any form of MSG! For more info see our About page.
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