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I was the kid that was always the food critic. My mom just figured I was one of those "picky eaters" though I would eat anything, as long as it tasted good to me. It took another 20 years to discover via testing that I am a super-taster. It is not what you think - it does not mean that I can taste "better" than you or anyone else. It just means that certain tastes are elevated, and amplified (salty and bitter flavors especially). It is the impetus for understanding why I have always experimented with making my own spice blends - an attempt to satisfy a craving for better tasting food.

Savor Spices is dedicated to making seasoning blends that add a new dimension of tastes and aromas to your food! We never use any soy, wheat, corn - no glutens, nor any MSG. We strive to keep the amount of salt low in our products and when any is used, it is only natural sea salt. Because we do not use salt as a bulking agent or filler like most manufacturers - our products provide a burst of flavor, without the normal saltiness you experience.

In fact, we recommend applying most of our rubs heavily, then allowing the meat to rest in the refrigerator (wrapped in plastic wrap, zip-sealed bag or vacuum bag) for 2 or 3 days. Your meat will not be salty, but it will be very flavorful - without covering up the flavor of the meat itself!

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We ONLY use natural sea salt - and NEVER use soy, wheat, corn, glutens, nuts, nor any form of MSG! For more info see our About page.
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